Panasonic is a highly recognized global brand with considerable annual commitments to R&D, financial stability, significant market capitalization and with the strength of over 330,000 employees worldwide, has a distinct ability to fulfill its long term commitments. Investment partners benefit with superior access to low cost financing, long term assurance and risk mitigation that facilitates long term, return on investment objectives.

A leader in smart energy systems

Panasonic Eco Solutions Canada Inc. is the Canadian arm of a global team within Panasonic Corporation. Our mission is to become a leader in the deployment of renewable smart energy systems in Canada. Our core customer advantage is to provide reliable, full service, market ready solutions enabling all the required elements for renewable solar and storage energy initiatives, including financing and long term assurance. Our objectives in Canada aim to fulfill Panasonic's global vision of being the No 1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry by its 100th anniversary in 2018.

Since 2004, Panasonic Eco Solutions has designed and installed custom solar systems to meet our clients’ budgets and maximize their returns. The Panasonic Eco Solutions team has successfully installed solar systems on roofs of all shapes and sizes across Southern Ontario and the GTA. Whether you need a residential or commercial solution, Panasonic Eco Solutions has the experience to get solar working for you.


Panasonic Environment Vision 2050

To achieve a better life and a sustainable global environment, Panasonic will work towards creation and more efficient utilization of energy which exceeds the amount of energy used, aiming for a society with clean energy and a more comfortable lifestyle.


A recognized name in solar

Panasonic Eco Solutions Canada brings the innovation, strength and stability of a global team that has a rich history and experience in solar technology. Investors and stakeholders alike, who are keen to minimize long term, investment risk, have chosen to partner with Panasonic because of our top ranked bankability.

Total Solution – Rely on us to help select the solar generation technology that best suits your facility. We design, build, finance, operate and maintain the system on your behalf. Panasonic assumes the technical and performance responsibility, you pursue your mission with peace of mind. We free you to do your work and are always confident the electricity will flow.

Net Metering – Panasonic Eco Solutions designs and installs net metering systems that allow you to use the electricity from the solar panel system to reduce or eliminate your dependence on the utility company. The results are considerable long-term savings on your electricity bills.

Commercial Feed-In Tariff  Systems – Panasonic Eco Solutions is the expert in commercial/industrial rooftop projects. With proven experience and in-depth knowledge of the FIT process, we ensure the success of your large-scale FIT project.

Turnkey Systems – Panasonic Eco Solutions can engineer and install a solar + energy storage system based on specific roof dimensions and other variables in order to provide the highest possible return on your investment.

Added Services

In addition to turnkey Net Metering and FIT installations, Panasonic Eco Solutions offers a range of design, consulting, and commercial sub-contracting services:

  • Turnkey Solar Solutions
  • Construction Financing
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • EPC Services
  • OPA CIA/NTP/Commissioning
  • Installation Sub-Contracting
  • Licensed Electrical Contractor ECRA #7008348
  • Commercial Feed-In Tariff Systems
  • Utility Consultation

No matter what kind of building your organization owns, Panasonic Eco Solutions has the expertise to install a solar system that generates additional income for your company and helps to protect the planet’s natural resources.


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No matter the size or shape, we can help power it with clean, renewable solar energy. Contact us to get started.