Lower your energy costs and green your power supply with solar 

For two decades, we’ve been working with city planners, industry leaders and energy companies, as well as builders and architects, to revolutionize the deployment of solar. As a global leader in energy generation – including solar, fuel cells, and combined heat and power – we’re uniquely equipped to help you achieve greater efficiency.

Through our end-to-end solutions, we handle assessment, design, financing, installation, operations and maintenance, even decommissioning. Count on us to provide the system design, consulting and support you need to construct better buildings from top to bottom.


It all starts with you – your unique energy profile, business strategy, and budget. We can help the store seeking cost-effective way to meet electricity demands, the hospital powering emergency medical equipment during outages, or the data center that must have high-quality, reliable power.


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No matter the size or shape, we can help power it with clean, renewable solar energy. Contact us to get started.


Commercial Net Metering

Panasonic designs and installs net metering solar systems that allow you to use the electricity from the solar panel system to reduce your electricity usage from the utility company. The results? Considerable long-term savings on your company’s electricity bills.

Net metering is especially effective for commercial operations that require large amounts of electricity to function, such as manufacturing facilities. These organizations can significantly lower their energy bills by generating their own electricity with solar panels.



Solar + Energy storage essential for today's power grid

As organizations and municipalities implement large-scale renewable energy projects into their facilities and the grid, power storage has become an issue. Unless used almost immediately, excess electricity goes to waste. And when the scales tip toward scarcity, prices spike.

Fortunately, we’ve stepped to the plate with better batteries and other smart energy technologies. Our leading lithium-ion technology can help grid operators’ better balance supply and demand, keep prices in check even on the hottest days, and offer emergency relief during outages. Few, if any, companies can match our experience in designing and deploying these systems.

For some of the answers to today’s challenges, we’re looking to the sun. The reasons to go solar today are obvious – it’s smart, affordable energy. We like to think the reasons to partner with Panasonic in this space are as clear as day, too.

Creating innovative battery technologies

As energy systems evolve to accommodate the two-way flow of renewable power, battery storage is quickly gaining a foothold. Our lithium-ion storage solutions can take maximum advantage of surplus power from large-scale renewable projects, unlocking multiple value streams for utilities. Technology is changing. Companies are going greener. And cost and design flexibility are always factors to consider. To make your job easier, we’re continually innovating with our solar & energy storage solutions.


Optimizing battery storage

Battery storage is quickly gaining a foothold as energy systems evolve to accommodate the two-way flow of renewable power. At Panasonic, we’re helping utilities unlock multiple value streams from lithium-ion energy storage. For example, our solutions can take maximum advantage of surplus solar power generation, reduce peak demand on the year’s hottest days, keep prices in check through energy arbitrage, and provide backup power to facilities.


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"With end-to-end solutions from Panasonic, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) integrates 50 kW of solar PV with a 500 kWh Panasonic Lithium-ion battery for energy storage for critical loads and backup for grid-power faults and interruptions."

University of Ontario Institute of Technology