Microgrid Research and Innovation Park at University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT)

  • 500kWh Panasonic Li-ion battery storage
  • 50kWp solar solar photovoltaic array (PV)
  • 2.4MW CHP plant
  • Microgrid controller with forecasting engine

Panasonic’s award winning project is located on the campus of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) and was a collaboration between public utilities, industry collaborators and was supported through Ontario’s Smart Grid Fund. The smart microgrid will provide emergency power from natural gas co-generation and Panasonic’s battery energy storage system to UOIT’s Clean Energy Research Lab - the critical load, during grid-power faults and interruptions. The smart microgrid will also facilitate a new working laboratory to support UOIT’s research and innovation in engineering and energy sciences.

Panasonic Eco Solutions Canada won the CanSIA Smart Energy Innovation award in 2017, as the lead integrator of this UOIT project.

Energy OASIS (Open Access to Sustainable Intermittent Sources) project at The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)

  • 500 kWh Panasonic Li-ion battery bank
  • 250 kW solar photovoltaic array mounted on a shade-providing carport canopy
  • 250 kW bi-directional inverter capable of transferring power to and from the utility grid

At the heart of the system is the Panasonic Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), consisting of the Li-ION batteries and bidirectional inverter. The BESS communicates with a Distributed Energy Management System (DEMS), which learns when to buy, sell or store energy using intelligent algorithms, and sends these requests to the BESS at key times.

The BESS can disconnect from the utility to form its own energy-autonomous island for extended periods, such as power outages, brown-outs, emergencies or peak electricity rate times. Some of the islanded loads connected to the BESS are:

  • The canopy lighting system
  • 2 x level 3 electric vehicle charging stations
  • 2 x level 2 electric vehicle charging ports
  • A load bank port for testing and research
  • Safety, monitoring and control systems for the BESS
  • Telecommunications equipment