Panasonic is a 100 year old electronics brand rated amongst the Top 10 Best Regarded Companies on The Forbes Global 2000 List in 2017, with a strong 50 years presence in Canada. At Panasonic we pride ourselves in providing technology and services to power a greener tomorrow and sustainable living. As part of that mantra, we want to empower you to help your clients choose solar energy.

As a partner with Panasonic, you can provide your clients with solar & energy storage solutions that will help them achieve energy independence allowing them peak Shaving abilities, EV charging + Safe & Secure Backup power using lithium-ion battery, for their home in case of emergencies, unexpected blackouts, and charging an electric car.


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Total Energy 10.0 kWh
Usable Energy 7.4 kWh
Continuous Power 2.0kW
Surge Power 2.2kW
Lifetime Energy 28.2MWh


Total Energy 20.0 kWh
Usable Energy 14.1 kWh
Continuous Power 4.0kW
Surge Power 4.0kW
Lifetime Energy 56.1MWh

How EIBS (Eco Intelligent Battery System) Works


1. Solar panels collect energy from the sun. The Tabuchi system works with a variety of high efficiency panels from major brands.

2. The Tabuchi Hybrid Inverter intelligently manages power from your solar panels, battery, and the utility company to power your home and maximize energy savings.

3. The Remote Controller lets you customize the system to suit your needs for maximum savings or home back-up in the event of a power outage.


4. The Storage Battery stores energy from the solar panels or from the utility company for use at night when solar panels don’t operate or during a power outage.

5. Home lighting, appliances and systems are powered first by the solar panels and the battery, and supplemented as needed by the utility company.



Harbor Smart Battery™



Total Energy 13.5kWh
Usable Energy 10.6 kWh
Continuous Power 4.5kW
Surge Power 6.7kW
Lifetime Energy 30MWh


Total Energy 20.4 kWh
Usable Energy 15.9 kWh
Continuous Power 6.7kW
Surge Power 10.0kW
Lifetime Energy 44MWh