Canada’s First Certified Net Zero Luxury Home by Timberworx

  • 23.8kW Solar photovoltaic system (PV)
  • 2x 10kW Hybrid Inverters
  • 40.5 kWh Panasonic Li-ion battery storage (13.5kWh x 3)
  • Energy Storage product: 3x Tesla Powerwall V2
  • 4,600 sq. ft. luxury home

This is Canada’s first certified luxury Net Zero Home located in Guelph’s prestigious Heritage Lake Estates community. Timberworx is the first home builder in Canada to install the Tesla Powerwall 2.

A net-zero energy (NZE) home is designed and built to reduce household energy needs to a minimum and includes on-site renewable energy systems that enable the home to produce at least as much energy as it consumes on a yearly basis. The solar and energy storage system contributes greatly to the Net Zero accreditation since it allows the homeowner to produce own clean solar electricity, store excess in the batteries for night time use or send back to the grid for credits, as well as provide backup during grid outages.

  • 6.63 kW Solar photovoltaic system (PV)
  • 5.5 kW Hybrid Inverter
  • 10 kWh Panasonic Li-ion battery storage
  • Energy Storage product: Tabuchi 16GU
  • Backup load panel: Fridge, lights, furnace, system monitoring

Our solar and energy storage system for Mike Holmes Junior’s house was installed and completed in the summer of 2016. The system is well-received during the TV show “Holmes and Holmes”, where the father and son talk about how intelligent the sys tem is, how they can monitor remotely, how it supplies the home during an outage, and how it increases home resale value.

Panasonic’s First Cottage Installation in Muskoka, ON

  • 6.75kW solar photovoltaic system (PV)
  • 5.5kW Hybrid Inverter
  • 12kWh Panasonic li-ion battery storage
  • Energy Storage product: Tabuchi 16GU2X
  • Back up load panel: Water pump, sewage pump, fridge, kitchen & bedroom lights, internet, outlets

This is the 1st cottage in Canada that installed Panasonic’s solar + energy storage system, using Panasonic li-ion cell technology.

The solar + energy storage system allows the cottage owner to reduce electricity bill and become more self-sufficient in this 1600 square feet cottage. It generates solar power for the home and stores the clean energy in the batteries for night time use. The batteries provide secure backup power during outages.