OPUC Solar Storage Pilot Program

  • Total 190.7kW DC solar photovoltaic (PV), 5-7 kW for each home
  • Total 300 kWh Panasonic Li-ion battery storage
  • Energy Storage product: 30 Tabuchi 16GU

This Solar Storage Pilot Program by Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation across 30 residential homes was installed by Panasonic Eco Solutions Canada. Each home was fitted with 5 to 7 kW of solar PV system, 5.5 kW hybrid inverter, and 10 kWh battery storage units. The SEMS is able to provide enough energy for the usage of the average household. Excess energy will be stored in the battery or fed back into the Oshawa PUC distribution grid per the Government of Ontario’s net-metering program.

The objective of the pilot project is to demonstrate an efficient solar energy management system in Oshawa that utilizes a solar system with batteries in order to provide behind-the-meter generation, storage, back-up power supply and shifting demand from on-peak to off-peak, to address power outages caused by extreme weather conditions.