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A leader in renewable, smart energy systems

Panasonic Eco Solutions Canada Inc. is a leader in the deployment of renewable, smart energy systems in Canada. Panasonic provides reliable and bankable, end-to-end turnkey solutions, enabling all the required elements for renewable solar and energy storage initiatives, including full installation, construction and long term financing, systems operations and maintenance services.

Since 2004, Panasonic Eco Solutions has designed and installed custom solar systems to meet our clients’ budgets and maximize their returns. The Panasonic Eco Solutions team has successfully installed solar systems on roofs of all shapes and sizes across Southern Ontario and the GTA. Whether you need a residential or commercial solution, Panasonic Eco Solutions has the experience to get solar working for you.


Your path to energy independence

  • Net Metering Solutions
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Full EPC Services
  • End to End Financing


Residential Solutions

At Panasonic, we know just how important your home is. That’s why we're making it easier than ever to power your home with clean, renewable solar energy and to store that electricity for later use with our energy storage solutions. You’ll enjoy reduced energy costs and achieve peace of mind knowing you have a reliable, clean battery backup, day or night – rain or shine. What's more, you'll be contributing to a greener, more sustainable future for our planet.

Clean energy for your home

Power your home with clean energy — Now that you have made the better choice to go green, let us show you how easy it can be with select government programs and incentives to make it happen through the net metering program for your home or cottage.

Save money on rising electricity rates — Off-set your energy consumption and increasing electricity costs. Control peak-time usage and safeguard against rising utility costs.

Save time with our one-stop services — We take care of it all from engineering, financing and permits to installation and performance monitoring.

Hire only the best — Our in-house team of designers, engineers, master electricians and installers are the best in the industry.

As a leader in residential energy storage, our team of experts seamlessly handle the entire installation process – from design, permitting and installation, to monitoring and warranty support. Panasonic can also provide access to financing for your system. You can trust Panasonic to deliver a solar and energy storage system that your family can count on for many years and know that Panasonic will be there with you.


Commercial Energy Storage

For two decades, Panasonic has been working with city planners, industry leaders and utilities, as well as builders and architects, to revolutionize the solar energy industry. Panasonic’s commercial and industrial energy storage offers solutions for a multitude of power issues and stringent application requirements.

For applications from peak demand response for utility grids, backup power for critical applications to extreme weather emergency power and saving peak demand costs, Panasonic’s Energy Storage solutions have evolved with field deployment experience.

Energy Storage is good for business

  • Cost Savings on GA Class A
  • Power Capacity Expansions
  • Power Quality Management
  • Power for Critical Loads & Peak Shaving

Beyond providers of sustainable energy, excess renewable energy generation can be stored for meeting low-generation peak demand on the grid. Throughout North America, Panasonic is collaborating with utility, public and private partners to plan, finance and deploy game-changing sustainable energy programs quickly and efficiently.


Engineering, Procurement and Construction

Panasonic Eco Solutions Canada, through in-house capabilities and select partners, delivers engineering, procurement, construction and project management capabilities that are competitive, flexible and scalable to suit customer’s needs. A proven track record built on the successful execution of numerous high profile projects has established Panasonic as a market leader for solar EPC services.

Competitive, flexible and scalable

  • Net Metering & Feed-In Tarriff Solutions
  • Full EPC Services
  • End to End Financing
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Production Guarantee

Count on us to provide the system design, consulting and support you need to construct better buildings from top to bottom. To that end, we provide you with end-to-end solutions, including engineering, procurement, construction, operations and maintenance, financing, and a workmanship warranty.

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Get started now

No matter the size or shape, we can help power it with clean, renewable solar energy. Contact us to get started.